Chalais, situated in the Sud Charente, is in the shadow of the imposing Chateau Talleyrand which is open to the public from June to September – (limited hours).Other historical sites to visit in Chalais include the Cloitre de Chalais, La Chapelle,  L’eglise de St Marie and L’eglise de St Christophe.  Annually there is a festival of Chamber Music in May and Jumping Chalais- an equestrian event held in August at the Hippodrome Chalais .

Being well placed in the Sud Charente and almost on the border of the Dordogne, Chalais is an ideal base from which to visit  many places within a 1 hour drive. Whether you want to be active, visit historical sites or just take in the French atmosphere of the lovely French towns or take in a market, then you have many choices.

Old Town Chalais
Chalais Fountain







On Monday morning the market comes to Chalais and what a difference we see in the town. Usually it is a quiet little country town but on Monday morning Chalais becomes the centre of the area. There are stalls selling everything from local produce, clothes and household items to live animals.  You name it and you can find it there. The streets are bustling with both locals and visitors and all the cafes and restaurants are crowded and buzzing as everyone catches up with friends over a coffee or something stronger.

Whilst in Chalais you must visit some of the local cafes and restaurants.  Bon Humeur, Flore and the local PMU bar are open everyday from morning till late serving anything from coffees to full meals. We also have a Tapas bar and a couple of pizzeria’s. Further afield you can sample anything from a 6/7 course country menu where you don’t ever know what you will get (No menu) to high class restaurants catering to every taste.